Michelin Competition Tyres for Tarmac surfaces

Versatile range of tires for dry or wet weather

For dry conditions

SizeModel & MixturePrice
16/57-14PILOT SPORT R 11319€
16/57-14PILOT SPORT R 21319€
19/58-15PILOT SPORT R 11340€
19/58-15PILOT SPORT R 21340€
19/58-15PILOT SPORT R 31340€
20/58-15PILOT SPORT R 11345€
20/58-15PILOT SPORT R 21345€
19/60-16PILOT SPORT R 11350€
19/60-16PILOT SPORT R 21350€
19/60-16PILOT SPORT R 31350€
19/63-17PILOT SPORT R 11425€
19/63-17PILOT SPORT R 21425€
19/63-17PILOT SPORT R 31425€
20/63-17PILOT SPORT R 11435€
20/63-17PILOT SPORT R 21435€
20/65-18PILOT SPORT R 01450€
20/65-18PILOT SPORT R 11450€
20/65-18PILOT SPORT R 21450€
20/65-18PILOT SPORT R 32450€
20/65-18PILOT SPORT R 33450€
24/65-18PILOT SPORT A SS01460€
24/65-18PILOT SPORT A S10460€
29/65-18PILOT SPORT A M20460€
29/65-18PILOT SPORT AH30460€
24/65-18PILOT SPORT R11512€
24/65-18PILOT SPORT R21512€
24/65-18PILOT SPORT R21560€
24/65-18PILOT SPORT R31560€

For wet conditions

SizeModel & MixturePrice
16/57-14PILOT SPORT R P01329€
19/58-15PILOT SPORT R P01355€
19/58-15PILOt SPORT A MW1355€
20/58-15PILOT SPORT R P01360€
19/60-16PILOT SPORT R P01350€
19/60-16PILOT SPORT A MW1355€
19/63-17PILOT SPORT R P01425€
19/63-17PILOT SPORT A MW1425€
18/65-18PILOT SPORT FW 3 L470€
18/65-18PILOT SPORT FW 3 R470€
20/65-18PILOT SPORT R P01470€
20/65-18PILOT SPORT R P01430€
24/65-18PILOT SPORT R P01527€
29/65-18PILOT SPORT R P01581€

Prices include VAT 24%. We reserve the right to change prices.