Classic TB-rally tyres for Historic Rally Cars

Classic TB rally tires for Historic rally cars

The new TB series tires have the same tread pattern as the original ones in production in the 70s and 80s, and the modern rubber compound used has achieved even slightly better grip.

The novelty is the DOT and EU markings on the tires in accordance with the Road Traffic Act, which means that they are also FIA-compliant racing tires in historic racing cars and thus also suitable for street use.


The TB15 and TB5 tires are primarily intended for use in historic racing cars in asphalt rallies and shorter circuit races.

The TB15 tire is a softer rubber compound and is intended for use on dry or slightly damp road surfaces and works best at temperatures below 20c (not a rain tire).

The TB5 tire is designed for more demanding conditions. The rubber compound is more durable than TB15, so can be used at higher temperatures.

It should be remembered, however, that a rough-patterned tire is not intended for long-term continuous use on a dry asphalt surface. However, the grip of the tire improves over time as a so-called ’slicks’ tire.

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Size 13"ModelMixturePrice
16/53-13185/55-13TB 5 F +290€
16/53-13185/55-13TB 5 R +290€
16/53-13175/60-13TB 15 COURSE285€
20/53-13245/40-13TB 5 F +325€
20/53-13245/40-13TB 5 R +325€
20/53-13225/45-13TB 15 COURSE315€

Size 15"ModelMixturePrice
18/60-15 225/50-15TB 5 F +405€
18/60-15 225/50-15TB 5 R +405€
18/60-15 215/55-15TB 15 COURSE385€
18/60-15 205/55-15PB 20 COURSE430€
23/59-15265/40-15TB 5 R +445€
23/62-15270/45-15TB 5 F +445€
23/62-15270/45-15TB 5 R +445€
23/62-15270/45-15TB 15450€
23/62-15275/45-15PB 20 450€
26/61-15285/40-15TB 5 F +449€
26/61-15285/40-15TB 5 R +449€
26/61-15295/40-15TB 15455€
29/61-15335/35-15TB 5 R +510€
29/61-15335/35-15TB 15495€
29/61-15TBATB 15 +510€

Prices include VAT 24%. We reserve the right to change prices.

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